Oh hi there, what got you to this page? On this blog, I will, from time to time, write about the shitty stuff I face in my daily vegan and depressed life. You will notice I will use abusive language, because I fucking like it! If you have a problem with that, you can write me a mail, or leave a comment, which will likely give me a good chuckle. Apart from that, don’t take the stuff you read on here too seriously. It’s all based on true events, but partially some artistic freedom might be woven into the posts.

Also, I am vegan in real life, whether I am depressed or not you should judge by yourself. I am fully aware that there are people that fight with serious depressions and to those I think this blog will not offer a great help. You should seek help with friends, family or professionals.

Also, you should totally go vegan <3 Promote love, bitches!


Write something to depress me even more

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