I feel cheated!

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on here. But today I really felt like blogging. I guess, to be fair, I didn’t post anything earlier simply because nothing all that vegan or depressing happened. Well… some people involved in my life might disagree with respect to certain events. But my side of the story was always pretty positive, or at the least interesting. I’m going to Berlin soon, two nice long weeks of doing nothing but eating, museums, meeting some nice people and drinking. Right! I did stop drinking for a while. It was pretty interesting. I felt somewhat non-depressed, while obviously still being vegan. I even got my life back together and went to work on decent times. Who would have ever guessed that was possible?

Yesterday I went to an art exhibit. I was super stoked since I saw some of the guys art a week earlier and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I ended up buying my first real piece of art! Wooh super happy! At least my German part is, my Dutch part still thinks it was a waste of money. I strolled around the city for some hours afterwards, listening to some nice music. It was the best weather and I discovered that the city I’ve been living in, for more than three years now, has a seriously nice neighborhood. I wonder why I have been living in this place for so long when there are such awesome houses just across the city?!

So today, a new man, with art in his pocket, I felt super hipster and had to write something. At some point I was bored of work, so I went to the store to buy a six-pack of beer and two bottles of federweisser. I figured I could get wasted, listen to music and blog about something, but I think this is just really shitty tasting grape juice without alcohol x). So the getting wasted part might not work out so well. But as least I can seem sophisticated while playing the piano and drinking “wine”. That is what I am going to do now.


I feel cheated!

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