A long morning and a late night snack

After postponing it for like five weeks, I finally got up early to go to the dermatologist. Being anywhere at eight in the morning is pure fucking torture! Now the shitty thing with dermatologists is that they also serve as beauty-specialists for ugly-ass old ladies that want to beatify their skin a little. Honestly, I think they should spend their time and money on polishing their personalities instead, but that is another matter. The result of this whole thing: the earliest possible scheduled appointment is at least three months out. To the rescue comes this little doctor’s office, that has open consultation-hours each morning. The only thing you need to do is wait a little. Well a lot, they admit it, but I had never thought it could have been four hours and twenty minutes! That’s more than half a day of work, while only reading a single paper. Obviously, I was less than thrilled!

The day was as unproductive as hell and I didn’t feel like working. I felt pretty shitty the past two days. As it turns out, you should cook chickpeas between one and three hours. Otherwise they will be hard to digest. Obviously I didn’t, which also means I will not be eating chickpeas for quite some time. After sitting through the day, reading some more papers and staring at stale training plots, my colleagues insisted on watching spectre. I told them I wouldn’t join until I had watched the three previous movies. I did want to join for food, but my chickpead stomach didn’t like the idea. Not spending Friday nights with my colleagues is a very weird thing :-/ They keep complaining that they are not on my “friend-list”, but I’ve grown seriously fond of these people.

So instead of watching spectre, I watched skyfall. I had some food, nothing fancy and eventually got bored and couldn’t sleep yet. Then, suddenly, I got super hungry again. I got up and fried me some potatoes, I think that is the first time that I have prepared potatoes for myself. Simple recipe, simple nice taste. Here it goes, this time it really wasn’t that bad!

  • Some, no a lot of, oil for frying
  • 8 little potatoes
  • 2 little onions
  • A clove of garlic
  • Italian herbs, pepper and salt for flavoring.

Wash the potatoes and onions and dice the potatoes in super fine slices. This took some time as I didn’t have a grater, and I actually had to cut them with a knife. Heat up the oil and fry your potatoes, you will stack several layers of potatoes in an average frying pan, but stir from time to time for an even frying result. Cut the onions in the same way and add them, keep stirring. Eventually turn down the heat pretty low and add the diced garlic clove and the herbs, fresh pepper and salt. Now just let it simmer for some time to make sure everything is well done. Me and my stomach are currently pretty tired of this undercooked shit! This actually turned out to be pretty decent food. I probably used a little too much fat, but apart from that it was simple tasty food. I even took a picture this time. As you can see, I was too lazy to get out my DSLR, so deal with the smartphone camera. :p


A long morning and a late night snack

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