Late night cooking could be such fun …

… if I were a better cook and tomatoes in Europe wouldn’t taste so freaking watery! After having an enjoyable day, I came home and eventually was really hungry again, soup just doesn’t cut it! While browsing facebook, I found these videos about a guy who lived for 3 dollars each day, for a week (thank you for linking that reddit!). He was making some seriously nice shit, so I decided to cook something cool too! The guy made it look easy, so how hard can it be to also do it? As I didn’t have a lot in my house, I made something simple with my last fresh ingredients. Smoked tofu with onion, fried in some barbecue sauce and quartered cherry tomatoes.

Main stuff:

  • 250gr of smoked tofu, cut into thin little stripes
  • One onion, cut into the same fucking thin little stripes
  • Some oil for frying

The Sauce:

  • Some tablespoons of tomato purée
  • Half that amount of mustard
  • As much agave nectar
  • A tiny bit of chopped chilli
  • Some lemon juice
  • Some soy sauce
  • The smoky water from the tofu package
  • Salt, Pepper, Sweet paprika powder and some curry

The tomatoes:

  • 250gr of cherry tomatoes, I quartered them, but do whatever you fucking like!
  • Some salt and pepper to finish it all off

Fry the tofu and the onions in the oil, don’t forget to fucking stir from time to time, you want this nice and brown. In the meantime mix your sauce and pour it over the tofu when you feel like it. Quickly cut the tomatoes, add them and finish it with some salt and pepper. Enjoy your fucking meal! Like me, just that I didn’t.

I think I made three mistakes; I fried the tofu for too long, the sauce tasted godawful and I didn’t add the tomatoes all at the same time. So while some where mushy, the others were almost raw. Now apart from the fact that the tomatoes tasted pretty lame and overruled any other available taste, the tofu turned out way too chewy. So all in all, this recipe totally sucks and I’m a bad cook. I guess one should just never chop cherry tomatoes? Any way, if you make this, it is your own fault!

The most depressing though! The guy from the videos was making super sweet stuff for about one dollar. This meal will easily make it up to six euros! Yes it was all organic, but still a factor of more than six is pretty bad! I guess I shouldn’t buy cherry tomatoes in the middle of the fucking winter, too expensive and way way too tasteless! Now I’m still hungry and slightly less encouraged to continue the idea that cooking could be my new hobby. But who knows, maybe I’ll get better. At least I found out that I do own a fairly good knife! Maybe I’ll document my future attempts here, so that when they fail, I at least know not to make the same mistakes again.


Late night cooking could be such fun …

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