I failed to be vegan and depressed yesterday!

Not because I, yet again, ate something non-vegan, but because yesterday was just a fucking good day x) People have complained I even suck at being depressed, but hey, what can I do…?

I was at work early, most things went pretty smooth. Well there were a few fails I guess. I found out a package we had been waiting for since like two weeks now was just sitting in our secretaries office! Unwrapping it gave me another one of these; “The world is just retarded”-moments. We ordered something tiny and it came packaged in a huge A4 sized box. Just why? I was looking for a “banana for scale”, but all my colleagues failed me.


Actually, maybe my initial statement wasn’t even true. We went for lunch and once or twice every week they serve “vegan” food. This time I really doubted that the sauce was vegan. Some maybe I did eat something shitty, yet again. Oooh my, the whole naming scheme of this blog is becoming flawed! At least the rest of the day seemed to be okay. A student of ours got to test some of her work in real-life and it seemed to work a lot better than we had expected for an initial run. Eventually we went for food and beer. Another very good plan. We often go and cook at one of our colleagues places and then just chill and drink some alcoholic beverages. Let’s say yesterday other mind-numbing substances were available. Those which I haven’t used in like 5 or 6 years. My tolerance level was extremely low, making the effect so much more crazy xD. I haven’t smiled like that in a long time. In fact, I’m still totally mellow while I’m writing this. So there we are. Should I change my blog title to vegan and happy? To be fair, I don’t think it will be necessary. I’ll leave for work soon, and since we are hosting a conference, today organizational crap starts. Meaning, I’ll soon be back to the old me, bringing you fresh depressing stories!

I failed to be vegan and depressed yesterday!

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