What a shitty mo{rning|vie}

Wow, actually my shitty-streak started yesterday night. I was reading up on some mad science shit, totally high-class, when my true self hit me again. I don’t really care about any of this stuff. Since I was continuously falling asleep while reading, I decided to hit it early and just sleep pre-twelve on a Friday night. I guess I’m not even good at getting drunk on nights you are supposed to party hard. At like 3:00am a friend calls. I was deep asleep and feel like: “WTF?!” I tell her: “Go to bed, you’ll be late for work tomorrow!”, only to realize, tomorrow would be Saturday! Somewhat delighted about this newly gained knowledge I turned back to sleeping again.

I had this wild dream. In the past I used to dream a lot and I enjoyed it, but this hasn’t happened lately. It was the first dream in a long time. In fact I can’t remember most of it, apart from the last part, where my boss, a computer science professor, recommended me to study with an art teacher. She made me do a test that I completely failed and then I had to draw her some stuff to show of my practical skills. Luckily I woke up at that time, because I knew I can’t draw for shit and it was making me seriously nervous. I had these mental pictures of how everything I was going to draw looked completely like utter crap. So there I was, at 9:00 in the morning on a Saturday, still a bit nervous from the drawings I didn’t have to do after all. This came as quite a shock. I don’t see the daylight pre afternoon on a typical Saturday and I was unsure how to proceed. After lingering around a large part of the morning, without any goal or ambitions in mind, I decided to watch some movies. I saw the trailer for “The Visit” on tv, where the grandmother tells the girl to climb all the way into the fucking oven to clean it. This amused me quite a lot, so I figured it might be an interesting watch. My usual naive little me decided to go against the negative prior of a 6.5 IMDB score. I shouldn’t have done that. It was really a shitty movie! I think, unless I am wrong, it tried to be a horror movie? But it totally failed at that.

Also to prevent my colleagues from complaining about the vegan level of this blog, I had vegan breakfast. It was crap since I ran out of actual food: (i) bread with green pepper spread, (ii) tortilla chips, and (iii) nougat chocolate. I think this might have been among the last food I have in my apartment. And the best part; the great German nation decided that today needs to be a holiday, so I can’t even go to the store to buy food. What a terrific start of the day!

What a shitty mo{rning|vie}

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