Why? It really isn’t enjoyable!

This morning I wasted like 3 hours on this blog. Instead of getting up, having breakfast and leaving for work on time, I had to figure out how to get my real name removed from this blog! I wonder why I even had a wordpress account in the first place?! But that was not all. On my way to work I was enjoying some music, everything seemed fine and then I saw a girl driving on her bike. At first the sight of a girl on her bike seemed enjoyable, but then she drove past me and I saw it. Her butt in her semi-see-through leggings. My eyes were given the pseudo-joy of cellulite and a pair of way too small panties for her butt, my day just didn’t feel that good anymore. Why do people have to do this :( It’s just so sad.

Why? It really isn’t enjoyable!

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